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    You are going to have to eat far more than before if you want to gain weight. Since body composition is 80% diet, you are going to have to stuff yourself. You need to provide lots and lots of proteins for those hormones to synthesize.

    1. Eat healthy fats
    Eat plenty of healthy fats. Eat your egg yolks, meat with animal fat, coconut oil, and other healthy fats. Increase caloric intake – of the healthy kind ofcourse. So those bananas count well here.

    2. Increase protein intake
    Never let your protein intake go lower than 1g/lb of body weight when you are aiming to add long-term muscle. It’s the building block of muscle, and your body is going to be starving for it.

    3. Foods that help you gain weight
    Whole eggs: It is economical and loaded with protein, vitamins A,D, E and good cholesterol.

    Butter: Butter is linked with long term weight gain. Intake of butter should be in moderation, as regular consumption of butter is bad for your heart.

    Tuna: The vital fatty acids in tuna contain a host of healthy fats, which not only aid in weight gain but also help in maintaining physical well-being.

    Natural fruit juice: A healthy and nutritious way to gain some pounds, sip 100-per cent fruit juice that’s full of sugar and added nutrients.

    Whole wheat bread: You can eat healthy and pack on pounds at the same time by eating whole wheat bread which accounts for approximately 69 calories per slice.

    4. Food rich in good calories
    Peanut butter – Spread – soft, salty peanut butter on bread. It gives you approximately 192 calories plus it is extra high in protein.

    Energy bars – It is loaded with good-for-you nuts and oats. One bowl packs around 500 calories, which is healthy as well as yummy for breakfast.

    Cheese – One serving of cheddar cheese packs a good 69 calories. Cheese is concentrated milk, so it is high in protein and calcium, fat, cholesterol and cheese calories.

    Oil – Adding extra fat to your food is an easy way to add calories, choose olive oil, canola oil, etc. which is good for your health and will add those much needed calories too.

    Banana – One banana contains approximately 100 calories. Not only are bananas rich in carbs and nutritious, they’re also great for workout fuel.

    5. Daily tips to gain weight
    Include three- four servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. It is best to consume fruits in their natural form to get all the nutrients.

    Make sure you get enough rest.

    Instead of stocking up on chocolate as glucose boosters, try high-fibre, low sugar oat bars. These take care of your cravings.

    Oats: A bowl of oatmeal is the perfect nutritious breakfast. It is high in fiber, and it also provides the body with vital nutrients.

    Yogurt: The healthy fruit-flavored, fatless yogurt can give you as much as 118 calories. Include it in your daily diet for quick weight gain.

    6. Dietary supplements for gaining weight

    Supplements should be taken only in consultation with a doctor/ dietician, only if required in case of nutrient deficiencies. How your body processes these supplements depends on what your body’s needs are. The supplements that are usually associated with weight gain needs are usually carb-enriched supplements.

    The same thumb-rule of focusing on your body’s needs before buying supplements, applies to vitamin and mineral supplements as well. Excess of multivitamins can cause hypervitaminosis leading to various problems as diarrhoea, vomiting etc.

    7. Food habits that help you gain weight

    Chew the food properly to improve digestion. Avoid excessive intake of beverages such as coffee and tea immediately after meals, as this hinders the absorption of minerals like iron. Keep a track of your weight gain as this is essential; it is healthy to increase approximately 5 to 6 kgs weight per month.

    Cook smartly, using a wide variety of food choices that are beneficial for health. Use a variety of fruits and vegetables to make salads, and rely on healthy appetisers (ex: Amla pudina chutney).

    8. Unhealthy habits for gaining unhealthy weight

    - Lack of sleep may be making you fat

    - Eating in the car

    - Eating in front of the TV

    - Food rut – eating the same thing day in and day out

    - Finishing everything on your plate and peer pressure

    - “Coffee shopping” or for some of us it is the “meet up for a drink”

    9. After gaining the right weight

    The right combination of healthy food, exercise, right breathing, rest and sleep go a long way in a happier and healthier you. Once you’ve gained the right amount of weight that you desire to gain, you’ll realise that your naturally thin body will look far more toned and curved at the right places, than you ever thought possible!

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